Website Design company in Bangladesh

Website Design company in Bangladesh

Website Design service

What is website Design:

Web analyst says-A Web site is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that includes a beginning file called a home page. That means a central location of many webpage which all the page is connected via the homepage.

Why You need a Website?

Today, people want their goods in quickest and simplest way. They want to purchase their product from home. Today costumer are habituated to search anything from Google or search engine from Internet. If we thing as business prospective, website is the easiest way to reach these customers.

If any company has a website, obviously they have clear advantage, especially in digital marketing. They can reach many customers, then before. Without a website, you might lose your potential customers and your place in business as well. Which might make a bad impact on your business. Because their competitors, which have a website, they could reach too many costumer then you.

Background of Web design Company in Bangladesh:

The history of Web designing is not so rich. At the beginning of the web revaluation, Bangladesh have not too many experts in this field. But the impression about Web Designing of this region people never lost.

Neighbor Country of our country, India are always good at programming. Indian designer started web designing first time in this South Asia. Some of Bangladesh Programmer at the beginning time went to India to complete the course of Web Designing. Some of them come return back Bangladesh and started making their own website. Gradually they have grown up their business. Provide courses to the newcomer in this field.


But the time has been changed. Currently our web designer not only design at their home. Bangladesh Designer sells their web design and concept on overseas. Over 1500+ web designing company exist in Bangladesh who design directly for overseas company. Not only that we have too many best sellers in outsourcing marketplace like Odesk (Upwork), Freelancer and Fiverr. Neighbor Country of our country, India are always good on But the time has been changed. Currently our web designer not This is not the end of the history of the designer of Bangladesh. Our Web Designing Company added a number of revenue every year, which increasing our GDP and making Bangladesh a Develop country day by day.

According to the BASIS 2012 survey the ICT industry has consistently grown in recent years in 20 to 30 percent per annum. Over 800 registered ICT companies generated total revenues of approximately $250 million. More than 75 percent of companies are involved in customized application development and maintenance, 50 percent is dedicated to IT enabled services, and 45 percent offer E-commerce/Web services.

The survey also shows that 60 percent of companies solely focus on the domestic market. The International Trade Centre estimates that approximately 200 companies export their products and services to international markets (USA 68 percent, UK 32 percent, and the Netherlands 9 percent). In addition to the registered workforce, thousands of independent freelancers offer their services at online market places and 5.500 students annually graduate from ICT courses at more than 80 public and private universities.



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  • Atique Ullah March 12, 2017 Reply

    Really a good overview of web design field in Bangladesh.There are so much to offer nowadays in this field. The companies those are involved in web design they look up to the predecessor who has worked in the same frameworks. Side by side many it firm offering training to create more human assets.

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