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Cicilica is a complete social media solution. Basically, it will help you a lot on Facebook.  There are some options available to control a pointed out Facebook Page’s comments, Messages, and posts.

This system could be used for any types of business (in online) because it establishes strong control over Facebook Page. It will help to grow up your business rapidly. This system will not only reduce your stress in working time but also it will help to reduce huge amount of cost.


Key features are described below-


Post related report summary can be seen at a glance from here.

Average Handling Time (AHT): It’s time will be less than ART because queue time is not counted here.

Average Response Time (ART): It’s time will be more than AHT because queue time is counted here.

And more..


This section is for Agent management with group and type.


All types of settings are available here.


This section is for assigning posts and comments to other single Agent or Agent Group.


This option is to maintain your page’s Timeline comments &  reply of reply.

Wall/Visitor Post

This option is to maintain your Wall Post


To maintain all massages reply.


This option is to see all sent comments, wall post and massage with specific date.


Sent comments those are not successful will be gathered in this section.


This option is to take a break inside office working time.


This is leaving option from office or work. If office hour is completed, the user should use this option.

Response or predefined comment reply

There are some readymade massage’s will available there for particular query


All types of reports can be seen from this panel.


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German Representative

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Internet Contact

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