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Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

Title: Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

Best Suited For: Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Fast Food, Food Delivery, Cafeteria

Technical Features: Developed in C#.Net

EPOS is restaurant POS Software that delivers a Complete and Powerful Point of Sale Solution for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Fast Food, Food Delivery, Cafeteria, and Many Other Types of Restaurant/Food Related Business. Our Software is designed to make things fast, simple and to organize your restaurant operations. Bundle of features makes it different from other restaurant POS.

Integrated with Online order system [Optional]:EPOS_diagram


Make Brand, Categories, and Item to your restaurant:

  • Make your inventory in various ways by adding category under brand.
  • Make Subcategory, Package & Custom items package by your needs.
  • Toppings feature

Purchase & Supplier :

  • EPOS enables you to easily manage all your Supplier details in one location.
  • Create purchase orders for your suppliers. Purchase requisition helps you keep track of all orders placed with your supplier.
  • Receive supplier orders into inventory using the purchase order you’ve already created.
  • Once you have Received Items from supplier your PO’s status becomes complete.

Inventory :

EPOS Inventory includes the features you’d expect in a professional-level restaurant inventory system:

  • Set up all the ingredients you buy as inventory items.
  • Every time you sell a item through your EPOS system your ingredient inventory is automatically reduced
  • Low stock alerts show you which inventory items have critically low stock.
  • Include scraping module that enables tracking to eliminate spoilage, waste, and theft and stock discrepancies.
  • The open purchase order list shows you each order you are expecting. Click an order to go directly to the Purchase Order center to receive the order.

 Client Management :

  • Make client database for increase business
  • Offer special memberships to your customer’s like Gold membership, Silver membership etc.

Sales Order :

  • Customizable order entry menu makes ordering easier, fast and hassle free checkout for customers.
  • Touch screen computer displays are more affordable than ever. Touching a few buttons on the order entry screen is the fastest and most natural way to enter an order. If you’d rather use a keyboard and mouse, Point of Success supports those, too.
  • Sell your items by entering Item name or scan barcode.
  • Multiple Modes of payment cash, credit card.
  • EPOS can handle Multiple Customer’s by allowing you to Hold current order in order queue and pick it later.
  • Add Item Level Notes in every item.
  • Secured way to give last minute Spot Discount or make a Price Change for your customers.
  • Enable memberships discount for Retail, Dine-In & Bar order
  • Generate Sales Invoice
  • Kitchen Report is easy to read, minimizing errors in order preparation. All the information the kitchen staff needs to prepare, track and complete an order.
  • Restaurant Dine-In, Bar Table and Guest Management
  • Fully configurable table layout interface (design it according to your physical number of tables
  • Maximize seat utilization by viewing your occupied table, available table, table served time, and other information directly from graphical table layout scree
  • Enable service charge
  • One click access to order entry screen for Dine In and Bar orders from within the program’s main screen
  • Combine several tables into a single one for large parties

Takeout Order:

Manage Your Collection, Delivery and Waiting type Order

  • Order create by using existing client or new one
  • Takeout order not support direct cash or card, using submit TAB hold all order in order queue and cash out it later.
  • Orders on the delivery dispatch screen are shown in order of promised delivery time.
  • Flat or postcode wise delivery charge enable by Delivery order

Reports :

  • Invoice print, also enable invoice reprint
  • Sales Details
  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Summarize
  • Sales Summarize by category
  • On date Inventory reports
  • Inventory receive reports
  • Current Inventory reports
  • Daily /Monthly Service Charge
  • Online Details (This features enable if using our Online Order Application).


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