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Social media is now more than just for socializing. People who wished to earn a little living started using social media websites to sell things. Whenever you log in, you would see at least one post about a product being sold. This caught the attention of businesses.

Here at Optimal IT Ltd, we have just who you’re looking for. Learn how your social media managers can help you with ensuring that your Facebook cover photo, Twitter Cover image, or Google Plus cover photo, as well as other important elements of your social media account are well-planned and beneficial to your business.

social mediaWho are Social Media Managers?

Social media managers are people or businesses that offer social media management services.

As your SMM, we provide the following services:

  • Keep an eye out for the owner’s social media accounts and activities while you are busy on their business’ day to day operations;
  • Manage the business owner’s social media account;
  • Design the page;
  • Update cover photos;
  • Post pictures;
  • Post information on walls and others related to the website;
  • Make sure that the owner’s social media page remains active and interactive, and;
  • Make a report to clients about the performance of the service rendered.

Benefits of Social Media ManagementServices

By hiring a social media manager, you are assured of the following:

  • Your social media account would remain active;
  • Your business would continuously have a strong presence online;
  • You will reach the majority of your target market;
  • People would see whatever is posted by the manager, and;
  • Followers will be informed of any promo, discounts, events, or even new products and services.

Remember: having a strong social media presence is not only a marketing benefit. This presence would also help improve the customer relations of the business. The constant presence would allow their customers to send private messages or post on the “wall” of the page of the business regarding their concerns or questions. This would maintain an open and fluid communication between the business and the customers.

Why choose Optimal IT for your social media needs?

Our experience and skills in this field is phenomenal. Contact us for the following services:

  • Facebook – posting, scheduling posts, adding and managing contacts, adding cover and profile photos, interacting with connections, etc.
  • Twitter – posting, scheduling posts, interacting with followers, retweeting posts, following prospects, etc.
  • Google Plus – adding contacts, posting and scheduling posts, adding photos and videos, interacting with prospects, etc.

Our offer7975205041_7a5e4b65ff_b

            Facebook Logo

  • Flat rate $100/ Month
    • FB page open
    • 2 Cover image design in month
    • 3 Post in a week
    • interacting with connections
    • Changing profile pic on demand
    • Adding and managing contacts

             Twitter Logo

  • Flat rate $100/ Month
    • Twitter page open
    • 2 Cover image design in month
    • Interacting with followers
    • 3 Post in a week
    • Changing profile pic on demand
    • Adding and managing contacts
    • Flat rate $100/ Month
      • Google plus page open
      • 2 Cover image design in month
      • interacting with prospects
      • 3 Posts in a week
      • Changing profile pic on demand
      • Adding and managing contacts

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At Optimal IT, we have trained social media managers that can handle your accounts and increase your mileage. Contact us for all the details! For any customize thinking:


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