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3D Animation

Animation is referred to a visual technique. It’s also called an illusion generated by rapid changing of a series of images, each off course slightly different from the last. Each image requires a small change such as leg moves or wheel of car turns. When all the images are viewed in a same frame rapidly then our eyes fills all the gaps and illusion of movement is complete.We offer student the 3D Animation Course leads students through the methods and techniques of animating virtual objects and environments using industry-leading software and hardware. In this course, students are introduced to the principles of animating three-dimensional computer graphics.


  • bulletIntroduction to 3D Animation
  • bulletAutoCad Drawing
  • bulletCreating a 3D scene from primitives
  • bulletPolygon mesh editing tools
  • bulletMaterials and Texturing
  • bulletCameras and lighting
  • bulletAnimation, Rendering and Output Techniques
  • bulletNURBS and spline-based modeling
  • bulletAnimating a simple character
  • bulletDynamic particle systems
  • bulletMental Ray and special topics in 3D rendering
  • bulletVideo Editing
  • bulletSpecial Effects Composition


  • bulletAuto Cad 3D
  • bullet3Ds Max Advance
  • bulletLumion
  • bulletAdobe Premiere
  • bulletAfter Effects


  • bullet Drawing & Perspective of 3D Modeling
  • bullet Light, Colour & Design
  • bullet History of Film & Animation
  • bullet Principles of Animation
  • bullet Storytelling & Scriptwriting
  • bullet Fundamentals for Creative Professionals
  • bullet Idea Jumpstart
  • bullet Sports & Wellness
  • bullet Figure Drawing
  • bullet Practical application using latest versions of tools / software like Auto Cad, 3Ds Max, V-ray, Adobe Premiere.
  • bullet Hands-on training using latest tools &techniques
  • bullet Specialization & creating portfolio in the area of interest
  • bullet Industry-relevant curriculum